Meet People Just Like You

Every day people just like you choose to make our mission their own. Perhaps you are a grateful patient whose life was touched by a UVA doctor or nurse. Or, you are a community member who wants to ensure that UVA’s exceptional care is available whenever you or a loved one turns to us for help.

Whatever your reason, private support of UVA Health System has an immediate and lasting effect on our patients and their families. Meet other people who chose to help make care at UVA even better.

Finn Blumenthal, Heart Warrior

Finn Blumenthal

Kelly and Michael Blumenthal found out about their second son's congenital heart defects early in the pregnancy. If their baby survived birth, they were told he may not make it past the age of three. With the help of UVA Children's Hospital, they were determined to give him a fighting chance.

Finley Noah Blumenthal has repeatedly and successfully defied the odds since he was born on January 2, 2015. During his first year of life, Finn had ten surgeries, including one open heart surgery. Through thick and thin, his mother Kelly has documented their family's journey on Finn's Facebook page, and their story has touched the hearts of thousands.

Determined to give back to the place that gave her family hope and care when they needed it most, Kelly supports UVA Children's Hospital through a variety of fundraisers and awareness campaigns.  

 Click here to learn more about Finn, Kelly, and Dr. James Gangemi, Finn's heart surgeon.


Deb Owens, Nurse on a Mission

Deb Owens

Debra Owens leads a busy life. Right before Easter last year, Deb—a mother, wife, nurse practitioner, and manager of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UVA Children’s Hospital—was responsible for caring for many people. Then she developed a severe headache and noticed a drooping of her right eyelid.

Deb turned to her colleagues at UVA for help and learned that the carotid artery in her neck, one of the main vessels supplying blood and oxygen to the brain, was dissected and almost completely blocked. Cervical artery dissection is a major cause of stroke in children and young to middle-aged adults. Thanks to the early diagnosis and treatment she received at UVA, Deb is now on the path to full recovery and now serves as the director of UVA Children’s Hospital and women’s services.

Deb wanted to do something to show her gratitude for the exceptional care she received — and she wanted to help the next patient. She turned to our Get Involved platform to help plan an event that would support healthy lifestyles and raise awareness for carotid artery dissection and young stroke. “I was able to combine something that I was active in with a cause that’s close to my heart.”


Ryan Zimmerman, ziMS Foundation

Ryan Zimmerman Family Photo

Ryan Zimmerman, Washington Nationals baseball player and UVA alum, wants you to Strike Down Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In 1995, after his mother, Cheryl, was diagnosed with MS, Ryan couldn't sit back and do nothing. He created the ziMS Foundation, which raises money for MS research and treatments.

Every fall for the past few years, Ryan and his family return to Charlottesville for Strike Down MS, a night of bowling to benefit the University's James Q. Miller Multiple Sclerosis Clinic. To date, the ziMS Foundation has donated more than $1 million to UVA and made several exciting research projects possible, projects that promise to improve clinical care and extend the quality of life for patients with MS.



Cali Gaston, Women's Four Miler participant

Cali Gaston

Cali Gaston and her husband were diagnosed with breast cancer one week apart. They underwent mastectomies one week apart. Married for 31 years, their choice had always been to do things together, but this was a whole new level of togetherness!

With guidance from their UVA physician, and the state-of-the-art technology that looks at the genetics of each tumor to determine the likelihood of recurrence, they are now being treated with therapies that are targeted to their cancer’s genetic makeup.

A cancer diagnosis didn't stop them. With her husband's help, Cali ran in the 2015 Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler and became one of the race's top fund raisers this year. Cali's dedication helps raise awareness and funds for breast cancer care and research at UVA, giving hope to all breast cancer patients now and in the future.