Finding Better Solutions

Imagine a world without cancer

How do you define exceptional care? UVA Health patients thrive under the care of physicians and nurses who are specialists in their fields. They benefit from access to innovative treatments and cures, many of which come from our own laboratories. They find hope from clinical trials that are offered close to home, where they can receive support from family and friends.

That's why UVA has been named the #1 hospital in Virginia for the fifth year in a row. We couldn't do all this without you.

Your support helps UVA Health put patients at the center of care—giving us the power to design and deliver personalized treatments in settings that promote health and peace. We will improve outcomes, diagnose disease earlier, and offer the supportive care our patients need in their own communities, where hope and healing thrive.

To discuss more opportunities for supporting patient care initiatives at UVA Health, please call 800.297.0102.