Cures Within Reach

Imagine a world without cancer

Over the past decade, UVA Health has attracted some of the brightest minds who have cultivated many of the best medical ideas in the world. These individuals are re-writing textbooks, pioneering groundbreaking new treatments, and accelerating the search for cures.

They are making hope possible for patients today, and for those who will follow 10, 20, or 30 years down the road.

It takes private support to jumpstart discovery and make great leaps in human knowledge possible. Donors across UVA Health help us attract, retain, and energize talented investigators who have the freedom to pursue their best ideas—not just the ideas that are safe or easily fundable. These individuals are unlocking clues about the building blocks of disease, identifying ways to improve patient outcomes, and speeding advances in the lab to the bedside, where they are desperately needed.

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